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What are readers saying about 100 Days of Love?

“... raw, intimate, magical, inspiring, real
I just couldn’t put it down after any page until the end... “

Monique Chartrand, Ph.D.

“Looking for a good book?
How about a great book,
100 Days of Love is that book!”

Paul Trefall, Nelson, B.C.

“I absolutely, certainly, dearly LOVE IT”
Colleen Perry, Duncan, B.C.

“I loved it and really appreciate the larger type, not only was the book
easier to read this made it more enjoyable for me.”
Henriette Johnson, retired (world traveler)

“This book is a real page turner!”
Jeremy, VW/diesel mechanic, Cobble Hill, B.C.

“ ... a wonderful, unique voice, reminding me of Pablo Neruda,
I couldn’t put it (the pink love letter manuscript) down!”
Sarah G., professional book publicist
Victoria, B.C.

as excerpted from page 03,
in “further advice for guys” section...

Here is a testimonial from a fellow inmate, “Joseph, I’ll tell you I thought this poetry and love is for the birds. Alright, in truth after few weeks, I realized the emotion down this rabbit hole really intimidated me. So, I read the damn thing anyway (my momma’s copy) and holy crap is right! I’m 6’5” 255 lbs. of all muscle and I thought I had guts. Well, I’m gonna tell you straight - you and your son got real guts and balls, my hardhats off to you! Hell guys, just read the book, for real.”

Rocke Millar, iron worker, volunteer fireman, Texas, USA

(below, as excerpted from last page of book
regarding clinical counsellor’s direction on how to read the book)

A Personal Note

I am writing to you about my own experience with this book,
both from a woman's point of view and as a clinical counselor.

Aloha, my name is Michelle Marshall, M.S. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (Master of Science in Psychology) and I live in Hawai'i, USA.


This book is for you to let go, and allow yourself the intimate journey with Joseph.

Enjoy the mastery of his natural storytelling and the wisdom of his words.

For this odyssey to uplift you, just let go, and allow the story to unfold as it is told.

Just as a good lover, Joseph will take his time and respectfully tease and entice you through many diverse experiences and surprises throughout the book.

Allow your eyes and thoughts to be a lover to his words as he offers them to you from his strong, innocent heart to yours.

Allow yourself to flow into the delicious abandonment of surrender, your soul will thank you!

Satisfied and thankful, a friend in surrender.

Mahalo nui loa, Michelle

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Wacky and Fun Testimoanials
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a speeling error? No? I just had to add the testi_moan_ials this way...

Wacky Testi-moan-ials For Fun
- Vote for your favourite, tell us...

Before the book was first published no one had read the entire contents, so since I had no real testimonials yet, in the wee hours one morning I just made some up. Unlike the true story in this book, these are ficticious and fully fabricated for your viewing pleasure (or mutiny). Don’t cuss me out, I’m really just having fun - really!
Here goes...

okay, okay I admit it, at 3:33 am one dark morning
the gremlins made me do it - really they made me, auggggggh!

Buy shares in Kleenex or Scott Paper,
‘cause this book is about to open a tears factory.
Daphne I. Neyes

This book is love oxygen.
Hy D. Rogen

More knockout than a heavy weight title fight. Flooring!
Stillgo T. Oneleft

A love train-wreck book
- you don’t wanna be there, but you just can’t look away.
Pete D. Erail

Like a Swiss Army knife, this book comes with all the accessories.
Lea T. Herman

My sad-guts are on the floor, careful you might slip
The Tin Man

This powerful witches brew has been simmering
for a very, very long time, and it’s time to serve up this tonic.
Open the book, take a taste, and be saved.
Missy H. Aswartsnall

Dude, this book could kick start three Harleys.
Moby Meister, Muse of the Cruise

‘... she’s running hot’
Van Halen

This don’t seem to be no ordinary, average Joe.
Cup O. Fjoe

Help me, I’ve fallen into this book,
and I can’t get up.
Hum Tee Dumpty

This book is a cult phenomena waiting to happen, and I’m joining up.
Andy Warhol

A cross between a Love-Kramer (Seinfeld),
a German poodle and Hercules. Bazaarely eclectic!

This is Pablo Neruda arm wrestles Hemmingway, for the lead role in My Left Foot 2, with the Jetsons as the gardeners and chauffeurs. Heck, just read it.
Dan.Day Lewis

Read this book for three and a half hours
and you’ll be hypnotized in a love trance, bark like a dog. Whoof!
Lee T. Sgoforawalk

anyways, he might be a name to remember,
some kind ‘o a real activist for decency and Love,
this humble-pie nut of an author,
has written a scorching ballad with a biting, insightful edge...
a glass of water please!
Still A. Flutter

Josepe, are you gonna meet a nice girl for your momma now?
(awh, mom, oops, how’d that one get in here?)

This isn’t saltines and Velveeta,
it’s Gouda, Olives and Caviar, and Genuine Guiness Draft . Yum.
La T. Da

Wow! Get on the tip of this iceberg story crashing into the sea, you will be so inspired you will believe that his love letters could even raise up the Titantic.
Swim F. Orshore

A story of love & loss, with no regret or scars.
Extraordinarily relevant today, would you like some cookies with that?
(Grams, Grams... are you back? is it really you?... hello?)

How is one supposed to describe this book...
help me I’m melting, or...
Dorothy and Toto
just not in Kansas anymore

Hey, thank-you for taking the time,
it means a lot to me... so am I delusionally optimistic,
or possibly even have a smidge of a hope to get more than
four people to buy a copy of this book?
Or am I certifiably, ludicrously insane, as usual?

Go ahead give it to me right in the smoocher!

I’m ready for it this time.

hello, hello...? anybody there? hello...

The talk around town now, is that at my age you either go out and buy a red sports car (I’m not that old, am I? ... does it come in blue?) or just write a fabuluous book and go on Oprah.

Vote for your favourite testi-moan-ial...? or add one.

Thanks for sharing any of my deranged fun, maybe I should be on Dr. Phil?? J.