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Excerpts from the book

as excerpted from,
100 Days of Love
, by Author and Poet, Joseph Borkovic

Core Message of the Book
The Street Days
11 Points of Inner Peace for Living with Outer Inspiration™
The New, Emerging Renaissance of Romance,
New Experiences in Personal Integrity™
How to easily and masterfully write
notes/poetry for your Lover
The Secrets
of a Perfect Kiss™
(you may never guess what this is...
and once re-discovered ever forget it, either!)

Selected Love Letters and Poems
Cut the Cords
an angel comes to stand in the fire
no deposit, no return
sadness before nothingness
an unmarked grave
travel to Orion with me
waiting on this first day again

a wonderful friend
each lover another universe
Lover’s last letter to joseph
~a piece of rich sadness for you~

Readers favourite excerpts and meaningful impact/effect on your life?

Core Message of the Book

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love pages

“We must never quit or give up on ourselves, never, ever, so that our children do not give up in their own Life. We must uphold our good beliefs through personal integrity and initiative. This is how deeply we must love, for our children.” ~joseph borkovic

The Street Days

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love pages 18-20

Time to Dig Deeper and Get Real

It all started just after we lost everything material including our farm, forced to the street. Through it now, I do not feel that it would truly be fair to call ourselves homeless. Living in an old van for several months on the street, while without a house to go to, is not, in my mind the same degree of homelessness as other decent folks we met - who often suffer in a more severe way. We did not feel destitute, just in a severe transition. Maybe we are blessed, or just lucky that not enough time could pass before our luck changed again.

Despair Turns Into Extended Camping

We often would go the the local supermarket to get food off the sampling trays. We had to push the van up and down the street so that it wouldn’t get noticed and towed away. We had no insurance or gas money and so we did not drive anywhere unless it was critical. We walked, I had a child back pack to carry little, 3 year old Zachary.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It is devastating for a man when he loses the ability to provide and care for his family. In this haze I do remember one event so very vividly, it was a crisp, sunny day, and we were in the old Dodge. I was feeling so alone and helpless, and wondering so many questions. How we had gotten there, where were we going? I started to cry and l’il Zachie put his tiny hand on my shoulder and said, “It’s okay Dad, just pretend we’re camping, it’s okay.”

The Adventure Guys Collect Seeds

From that moment on, we decided that instead we were adventure guys, and adventure guys make a plan! So we talked about it. Zachie said he was so little what could he do? I said we will collect pop bottles and cans, lots and lots and lots of them together, okay? Zachie, said I can sure do that with you Dad! So we created a system of how to collect cans for today and tomorrow. I knew from experience that if we spent all the money we collected that we would simply waste what could be crucial seeds for the future. It is what it is... or is it?

A System Out of Slavery to Buy Freedom

We made a system that we would put 15% of what we collected away into a new bank account. That each bottle and can was a seed, and that we would eat some of the seeds and plant some of them in the bank, to grow for later. This was a Babylonian system I had read about of how even a slave could still create enough to buy his freedom no matter how much he earned - because it was not the money that was made but what was done with it. While we were not slaves in that sense, I certainly felt like a slave to the circumstances. We had nothing to lose, we did not truly then know how well it would work, we just set ourselves off on this new life experiment.

It worked. Boy, did it ever work. I knew that I had to make it work or face losing my son. It would’ve been ludicrous to rationally entertain or accept other factors of probability.

11 Points of Inner Peace for Living with Outer Inspiration™

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page

Inner Peace For Outer Inspiration

Appreciation is a richer, enlarged perspective, a softer state of mind. How can one get there?

The 11 Practical Points of Inner Peace for Living with Outer Inspiration.

1. What is most important in your life?
2. A concept makes great events.
3. Write/Journal your feelings.
4. Appreciation focus, no negatives.
5. Be realistic, reinvent yourself.
6. Adjust your perspective inwards.
7. No resistance.
8. Be mindful, it’s all good!
9. Thoughtful inspiration, no drama.
10. Create genuine events.
11. Discipline of compassion & courage for self equally.

Expansion of the 11 Inner Points

The Purpose - Peace Lives Here.

Observation of any protocol/list is not ‘to do’ it but for an organization of ourselves within the existing flow (energies) of Life. Life has its own unseen ingenuity that is always working on us. Focusing life’s energies then allows Life to also work through us. The purpose of any protocol is to align one’s intention for action. A squirrel has to go out and collect its nuts. A clear focus allows us to stay connected to Life to bring life’s eternally flowing gifts into fruition. A clean focus allows us to manifest practically with (not against) Life. A wonderful way to harness the inherent power of the universe while nurturing ourselves. It doesn’t have to be just about sex, does it? Sincerely, hidden here are, the true Romances of a Life...

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 314-315

Sharing Handsome Rewards

The finer points of Life,
- in the finer points. Awaiting, as a mustard seed. Whenever we wish to do anything better, we must then invest time and observe the fine details and nuances of the subject. When we love something we spend hours immersed with it. In this way we may engage more fully and competently with the subject of our choice, whether it is raising our children, not being discouraged by life, or in pursuit of, The Secrets of a Perfect Kiss. A path of keen observation and study allow us to be more efficient at reaching for our goals. Respectfully, in gaining the finer points of a subject does not to waste our (and others) time. (Waste is not in Nature’s Way) It is perfectly okay if one’s choice to explore integrity is on a different path. In our lifetime we all must come to explore integrity and hence reveal the state of our inner character, to ourselves. Once one is truly committed to living in integrity, then anything we gain as an extension of our own beliefs, knowledge and experience becomes a treasure chest of handsome rewards to share.

The Exploration of Finer Points

It is my sincere belief that one must study the finer points of one’s own life first. It is in the culmination of this journey that we may come to be able to share a Perfect Kiss with another such Lover. Is there really any other subject more fun to explore?? Really? Smack me one. (a kiss that is)

The New, Emerging Renaissance of Romance,
New Experiences in Personal Integrity™

Introduction on True (Soul) Romance:

Romance is widely misunderstood. The understanding of the principles which underlay true Romance, forge a key that opens the Key to the amazing, good life.

As a group, a society, a global family, we are now starting to become aware of and experience, This Emerging Renaissance of Romance, in our day to day lives... and it starts very small and quietly. It is in the first time you stop to look at your Lover, really, really look deeply. It is in the moments that we stop in awe or wonder, detaching our beautiful souls from our self-imposed rat race. It is also in a romantic candle lit dinner, that is shared in deepest appreciation. It is in the encouraging notes you leave for your children in their lunch box. It is in the decisions we start to move towards, such as organic foods, products that are personally and ecologically more sensitive. It rests quietly in the ‘no-s’ that we say to injustice, negativity and silliness.

What is it not?

Romance is not, about sex, or kissing, or flirting (don’t worry too much, nothing to quit or change here... whew! - were you thinking this could have been the worst fifteen seconds of your life, right?) certainly, romance beautifully and deeply does involve all aspects of intimacy, personal and in life.

True Romance is about integrity and appreciation. Integrity of self, of spirit and of life. It is not possible to experience a satisfying life without engaging these ageless principles. What are they?

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page

Never Too Busy For Love

Are you becoming part of the new Romance of personal integrity? In our busy, busy modern lives we have become lost to the art of engagement, the art of appreciation. When we are in that mindful state, even if we only flash into it - like a bird in flight interrupted by the reflection of a window, we too, must sometimes squish the better part or ourselves against the mirrors of our lives in the pursuit of self-excellence.

Deliciously, it only takes a moment to engage appreciation. The rewards of this through-the-looking-glass moment shared with your Lover or loved ones is extraordinary. Proving the value of Life is found, nee: rediscovered in the small things (notice they are events, events create valuable ongoing support). Is today too soon to create and share our beautiful selves?

How to easily and masterfully write
sensuous notes/poetry for your Lover

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page

Take The Chance

Remember the devil is in the details, so be a love-devil for a minute.

Really, First Do It For Yourself

Important: it does not matter how your task of appreciation is accepted, because firstly, you do it for you so you can feel good as a giving, unselfish partner. Kindness is always appreciated. Do not be seduced to seeing it as a token, an object of your love. It is an ongoing event in the expression of appreciation. Now, you may be facing a decision if it is a partner who does not appreciate the event at the time, or shortly thereafter. Also remember for so many, feeling appreciation and showing it are often at two ends of a spectrum, and that is okay. The Master works from within.

The Secrets of a Perfect Kiss™

As a steward in the art of kissing,
how can I responsibility give the secret away right here?...
that could be like giving dynamite to the unwary,
or having cookies right before dinner,
or having ice cream for breakfast
(with chocolate sprinkles and whip cream)...
buy the book, your life is worth it!

Confession: I really may have had to go this far, exploring all the galaxies of life, just because I felt so terrified by girls. I remember hearing girls talk about boys who were awful kissers, I was mortified that it could be me. Gaining confidence in this way allows me not to suffer that moment of insanity, of questioning yourself right before a kiss. Ahhhhhhh! Fine nuances become precious gems. Through self-integrity we create the utmost Romance in our lives. Shall we begin?...

Love Letters and Poems

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 59

Dear Love

Cut the Cords

you’ve taken a sword
and swept your path

clearing off the demons and the fools
to start over
and afresh

your very own journey
that starts today
and you will continue all your life
complete with all new rules

congratulations to you, Miss
in this,
there is great courage
and soon,
you will see
past all the things that have held you here,
and finally,
be free.


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 89

Dear Lover

an angel comes to stand in the fire

for she will come
and her wings spread over me
and I savagely alight an arrow
into the eye of the sun

we will see each other and try not to blink
for a deepest love with strangest of fires lit
to join between our first-found kiss
and stay in whispers on our lips


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 114-115

Dear Lover

no deposit, no return

I just wanted to love you
in whatever way
would make your dreams complete
and no matter what,
to fight for us
...even when you could not.

I just wanted your love
...you took it and left
no deposit, no return.

I am an empty, broken bottle,
fully drunken from.

I said I could be your friend,
but in the face of this ongoing rejection
I cannot die for you anymore.

Your words and fits of revelation
reveal your thoughts.
Did you know they were yours?
I sure do.

They are burned into my empty heart,
as if truth.
There is nothing
to be broken

You imply my imposition upon you,
and that I would use you.
I would not.

Again and again,
your words strike me
and I feel smaller
than if I was


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 191

Dear Love

sadness before nothingness

I cannot find the words
Any words today
As if my feelings have been stoned
This is not sadness
In it, at least I know
Then, at least I knew
I was still alive.

I feel indiscriminate nothingness
My mind wrapping around nothing
There is no beauty in the jaded light
Feelings of a voided abstract
Abject - even of hopelessness
Contained only in caged emptiness
What is Love, if I do not exist?


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 215-216

Dear Love

an unmarked grave

I have no mind to how you feel
Distance has become
your common language to me
Perhaps you cannot let yourself feel for me
Because you will be gone... on your own.
Perhaps you do not feel your love for me
Because it is just gone - slowly leaked into the drains
With the guts, I tried to hold with my fingers.
As these guts just flow through onto the floor - any floor
In front of me
To mix with the tears, I kneel in it
Not to beg - only to prepare to die.
This day, again.
For that day never comes
I am the shadow of myself
And I kneel at the grave of a man
You once knew.


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 245

Dear Love

travel to Orion with me

If find me you must

As I do with you

Do not look far

For near as we are

Seek me in your dreams

For there, I await for you

Hanging... a star or two.


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 252-253

Dear Love

waiting on this first day again

There are many things I’ve wished to say
No, not wished - only wanted to
Wishes are too precious
Too precious
And save them I must

I’ve wanted to say
Things about other men
Things about your trip
Things about how I feel a bit
Things about you never in bed
Things about what I have learned
Things I am sorry about

How have you seen me now?
You do not open up to me the same
We are close when together
But it is the respect - even caution
Not the passion.

What is to define?
Why you are not here with me?
Or I there with you?

I will cry the day you open
yourself to me again
Until then, I weep.


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 285-286

Dear Love

a wonderful friend

Can your heart be
so different
than mine?

I have known your love
you have so, so much.

You have taught me to feel my life.

You became my friend
and showed me how to live
in kindness
in love.

This is all I imagine
in you
you helped me to believe
in you.
All the good things
I have from you
I have in my heart
there is nothing else now
just the good
the wonderful
part of you
in me
the greatest gift of all
thank you.

To find love
to share love
may you find
for all you search


Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page 290-291

To My Dearest Love

each lover another universe

Today I befell my life out of a dream
and the women of Egypt lifted me up
out of a grave darkness
past a tomb that had held my mind still
then further they held me up
I touched the Sungod RA
and knew we had always been one
SHE said to ME
In all things seek only one
as if the Sun is God
see this and be burned of Love
then the Earth and Moon will be lovers
turning night into sky
moving only around each other
staring at each other
not being able to look away
and wanting not
while reflecting the rays received of love
to each other
so on and in turn
the stars twinkling there to remind them
knowing a constant, unchanging evolving devotion
each century an anniversary
each day a moment between them
an eclipse a renewed courting
each equinox an affirmation
each solstice a grand celebration
each dusk a ballroom dance
each dawn simply another ‘I love you’
each crescent moon another smile
each orbit another hug
each morning another kiss
each night pure joy and love shared

I looked up and did see you
and we were

Love and heart’s fire to you, Joe

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page

(Lover’s last letter to joseph)

I have thought on your words many times...
yet I can not find the right ones to send back.
I hurt too
and it hurts more to think of you
I feel as though I can no longer talk to you
and my heart aches

My words are always wrong
I say words I don’t mean
and the words I do mean
I don’t say
My love for you is deep and strong
but I must return to my path
How can I tell so that you may understand
My path calls to me to return
that I have lingered too long
My conflict storms in my soul
but you have given me a gift
a gift I have not used
a gift of strength and courage
I know the time is now
for me to use these gifts
to have the strength to leave
the courage to take my path
I believe in you my love
with all my heart
Please hear me
do not forget
our love
our time together
for it is ever etched in my soul

Oct 09, 1999

Excerpt from 100 Days of Love page

~a piece of rich sadness for you~

the ambrosia of your memory
still moistens the lips of my soul

i am so sorry
for any hurt that touched your heart - from me

i miss you so much

i do not care of what has happened
my heart refutes all other journeys now
but sailing upon the winds
for a true course

i do not know if there is anything
that i must make up to you?

i will not say good-bye
only fare-well
my deepest Love

i will always honour our time together
and speak and feel of you - only-the-good
it is all good

I feel so far away, faded
and it is you who feels so near right now
here, with and before me, your form
moving about, gently
this nearness has not been in my experience,
very often, before now
perhaps your spirit is allowing me to say,
go on, Joe

so, i say - i have!
but deny my inner-most desire

that clear voice
of how you still fill my heart of hearts
just never fades
is as strong as the flight
of an outstretched Eagle,
the view certainly as sharp

i, too, have asked the whales and dolphins
for they reveal to me
how deep our love does go
so deeply, as the ocean does

so why is this boy drowning
of such greatest love
without a single breath of air?

so be it

if i must dive to the bottom to find you
i will search the ocean’s depths
in that empty silence,
and search
all the Earth, as known
in all forms and dimensions
all the air, and fire, and space, and moons,
and planets, and etherix, and solar systems,
and stars
until i lay bare in the great-central-sun
once mistaken as god
only as home now

until this little piece of you
fills the puzzle of my heart, again
until the tears of this greatest river of hope
stream home to my ocean-heart
until the cavalier bosom of discernment
is cast into abandonment
until i see your beautiful face
revealing to me that smile that beckons,

~precious, all is okay - forever...

until any laughter made by a child of this love
can be heard
over a thousand treetops
of a thousand more living forests
to the two-as-one lover’s sacred ear
until the very breath of all that is known
as mother-goddess’ nature pulls me
to her very breast
to me

you are this very angel that blessed my vision
for a real-time in my life
before my eyes
and gone
to pierce my heart forever

the feel of your kindness
is still upon my fingertips
all ambrosia of
you moistens the lips
of my deepest heart and soul

oh dearest love
may kindness find you in peace


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